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Doctor Accused of Operating on Wrong Side of Woman’s Brain

Posted by on Apr 30, 2013

wrong site brain surgery lawsuitA St. Ann, Missouri woman is suing her doctor and hospital after allegedly having a surgical procedure performed on the wrong side of her brain.

The woman was set to receive a left-sided craniotomy bypass, a surgery designed to restore blood flow to clogged areas of the brain, much like a coronary bypass does for the heart. Her neurosurgeon, however, incorrectly performed the operation on the right side of her brain, where it was unnecessary. This left the woman with continually poor blood flow in the left side of her brain while the right side of her cranium recovered from a surgery it did not need.

The hospital did not realize its mistake until nearly a week later, and promptly did the procedure on the correct portion of her brain. Sadly, as a result of the hospital’s carelessness, the woman has lost cognitive ability, cannot speak intelligibly, and now requires assistance for even menial tasks.

Clearly, the hospital has made a terrible mistake and has possibly ruined this 53-year-old woman’s life. The lawsuit seeks monetary compensation as well as punitive damages from the hospital and the neurosurgeon for their negligence and disregard for their patient’s safety.

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